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About Project

Creo Engine is a gaming blockchain platform dedicated to game developers worldwide to launch their games, similar to how the Steam store distributes its library of games. Creo Engine also serves as a game developer aiming to provide the best gaming experience for its players, the games are developed through our in-house studio, ‘Nomina Games’. And all games under Creo Engine Ecosystem are connected through the Assets Interchangeability feature.


Creo Engine is a gaming blockchain platform dedicated to game developers worldwide to launch their games, similar to how the Steam store distributes its library of games.

Evermore Knights (Full Release on June 2022)

Evermore Knights is a JRPG game featuring unique heroes and weapons as NFTs, players can invest and summon stronger NFT fighters, weapons and equipment to enhance their fighter units.

Each fighter has health, mana, strength, intelligence, speed, and luck stats which are determined randomly during the summoning. Weapons also have the same attributes as the fighters, and they range from bows, great-swords, staffs, and shields. Fighter and weapon NFTs can be combined to summon a higher level and stronger items. Players can customize their fighters and weapons, complete missions, battle in PVP, and clear dungeons to earn rewards and ingame currency which then can be used to summon more fighters, weapons and items.

Slime Haven (Full Release on October 2022)

Slime Haven is a pet breeding simulator featuring cute slimes as pets. Players can breed and train the slime to become stronger. Each slime will have its own unique attributes. Slimes can also be sent to the Evermore Knighs and utilized as support characters, aiding the heroes in their adventures.

Merchant Marvels (Q3 2022)

Merchant Marvels is a crafting game, the mission is to create weapons, armors and other items out of materials collected in game and also other games. Weapons, armors and items created can be transferred to other games.

Peony Ranch (2023)

Peony Ranch is a 3D farming simulator game, similar to ‘Animal Crossing’, players can hire peony buddies to help grow crops and harvest plants which can be sold in the marketplace, transferred to other games.


Creo Engine sees the potential of the mobile gaming market not only in Asia but also in the global market. We are also aware that the P2E games at the moment are blatantly crypto and lack the gaming experience and quality that players can find in conventional games. By making our games high-quality and free-to-play, We plan to market our games to the conventional game players, allowing players to enjoy our products while progressively introducing them to the Play-to-Earn mechanics. As of now, we have promoted our games and platform to the markets in Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, China, Turkey and South Korea. We plan to expand more the European region and North America (ongoing)


In this early stage of the Play-to-earn game movement, the quality of games is still far from what conventional games offer. Creo Engine aims to provide the best gaming experience on par or even better than traditional games.

Some NFTs in play-to-earn are stagnant in utilization; Most NFT in games are only functional in one game and incompatible in others. Suppose essential matter in the gaming world, such as characters, weapons, pets, and miscellaneous items, is usable in more than one game. In that case, their value will progressively increase, giving users the confidence to invest their hard-earned money in them. By creating a platform that enables all games to interconnect and “talk” through interoperable assets, Creo Engine aims to solve this problem once and for all.

The competitor for our company would be Gala Games and Nakamoto Games. In a way, we are lightly similar. However, the differentiation would be the NFTs interchangeability aspect. What we try to achieve in our ecosystem is that our users would be able to send their NFTs from many games to other games within this ecosystem.


Governance token in our Ecosystem

All games that run under the Creo Engine platform will only use one game token; the CREO token.

Token Staking program to earn rewards

Users/gamers that stake their Creo tokens will receive Creo tokens as rewards.

Gas fees for marketplace transaction

All transactions in the marketplace will be charged with a small amount of CREO token as transaction fees.

In-game and marketplace transactions

All transactions occurred in the marketplace use the CREO token.


Creo Tokens will also be used as liquidity in exchanges.

Staking for Developers

Game developers are required to stake a certain amount of CREO tokens before joining the ecosystem.

Incubation Program

Creo Engine will use the Creo token in the project incubation program.


Creo Engine will occasionally give away Creo tokens in promotional events as a reward.

*The fees Creo Engine received in the marketplace will be utilized for buybacks, marketing and burn.


Q1 2022

  • Game #1 Alpha Testing
  • Game #2 Development
  • Marketplace Development
  • NFT Development

Q2 2022

  • IDO SALE in Multiple Launchpad
  • INO SALE (1st Game) in Multiple Launchpad
  • First Exchanger Listing
  • DEX Listing
  • Game #1 Close Beta1
  • Game #1 Full Release
  • Second Exchanger Listing
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Game #2 Alpha Testing
  • Staking Rewards

Q3 2022

  • Game Feature Improvement
  • Game #3 Development

Q4 2022

  • Game Feature Improvement
  • Game #2 Close Beta
  • 2nd Game Full Release

Q1 2023

  • Game Feature Improvement
  • Listing on Exchanger
  • Game #3 Development

Q3 2023

  • Game Feature Improvement
  • System Improvement
  • Ecosystem Maintenance
  • Game #3 Alpha Testing
  • Game #4 Development


  • Business Expansion
  • Game #3 Alpha Testing
  • Game Feature Improvement
  • System Improvement
  • Game #4 Alpha Testing
  • More Game Development


  • More Game Launch
  • Game #4 Close Beta
  • Game Feature Improvement
  • System Improvement
  • Ecosystem Maintenance
  • Trust Fund Ideas
  • Creo Engine will charge a small amount of fees for every transaction happening in the marketplace.
  • Creo Engine will get revenue from in-game purchases
  • Creo Engine will receive a cut for every game on boarded to the platform.


Javier Tan (CEO and co-founder)

Javier is an avid gamer and has more than ten years of experience in the financial field. His love for RPG games and blockchain technology has led him to become one of the co-founders of Creo Engine.

Darrel Wijaya (CTO and co-founder)

Darrel has been a gamer since he was young. In 2016, he became a game developer and started producing indie games. His game was circulated in the internet game-dev forums and received much praise. He released a game called 'The Revenant Prince' in 2022 on Steam, and in the same year, he helped co-found his first blockchain game company, Creo Engine.

Gani Hartanto (CMO)

Gani has six years of experience working at Grab Indonesia as the Marketing Chief for the Northern Sumatra region. He joined Creo Engine in October of 2022 and was appointed as the CMO of the company.

Vetric Hartady (CFO)

Vetric is an expert in accounting. He once handled several companies with different fields in Indonesia and abroad, he also has experience as a management and finance auditor

Devi Luo (COO)

Devi was a financial advisor in many insurance companies in the past. She was exposed to the blockchain space in 2017 and began to be interested in that field since. She was one of the first core team members to join Creo Engine.

Akbar Santorino (Art Director)

Akbar started working in a .major ISP company in Indonesia as a UI/UX developer. He then decided to follow his passion for becoming a game art director in 2018. He has experience working with many local and global game companies. In mid-2021, Akbar joined the Creo Engine project to handle all the art and visuals of the games.

Louie Tanutama (PR Director)

Louie has pursued a career in many financial establishments and expertise in the marketing field for 10+ years. He is also a big fan of the RPG game and long-time crypto and stocks investor.

David Salim (PR Manager)

David is a full-time musician, producer and has worked on a startup company before. He first joined Creo Engine in mid-2021 as the music producer for Creo Engine's in-house studio. Having experience in customer relationship management, he joined the core team in December as PR manager.

Timothy Hermawan (Lead Programmer)

Timothy worked individually with clients all around the world with anything to do with games and now becomes a full time employee for Creo Engine, he manages a programmer team of five at Creo Engine's game studio

Jennifer Goldwin (Full Stack Programmer)

Jennifer majored in Mobile Application and Technology from a well-known university in Indonesia. She has worked with many companies in web designing and mobile programming before joining Creo Engine in November of 2021 as the Full Stack Programmer for the platform website.

Tedy Lie (Community Manager)

Ted is a game streamer on YouTube and owns two Internet Cafe businesses. He now specializes in reviewing Play-to-earn games on his YouTube channel and managing Creo Engine's discord channel with his team.

Richko Wu (Community Support)

Richko is the platform's discord manager. He studied economics and management. After graduation, he pursued a carrier as a chef in many restaurants in Sidney. He went back to Indonesia and started his jewelry store. He is also a huge fan of RPG games and the community manager of many discord channels. He joined the Creo Engine team in 2021, focusing on building the platform's discord channel.

Andaru Yudo (Creative Designer)

Yudo worked for Grab Indonesia for five years in the creative designer field before hopping on Creo Engine's team full-time in 2021. He is also a visual artist and in charge of the platform's social media content.

Seed Round
Lock-up:TGE 3%, 120 days cliff and linear unlock over 12 months

Private Round 1
Lock-up:TGE 5%, 90 days cliff and linear unlock over 12 months

Private Round 2
Lock-up:TGE 7%, 60 days cliff and linear unlock over 6 months

Public Sale & Seed SHO
Platfrom Raise:$200,000
Lock-up:TGE 10%, Linear Unlock over 6 months

Launch on

Full support in project incubation.

Ended IGOs

*ATH: All Time High / traded on CEX or DEX
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