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Crypto Fight Club (CFC) is a new and innovative NFT-enabled game that allows players to properly stake, battle opposing fighters, and even compete in championship events for real rewards. Similarly to popular turn-based games in the 1990s, like Pokémon or Final Fantasy, Crypto Fight Club is reimagining this style with play2earn functions while players are also entitled to the true ownership of their in-game players through NFTs. CFC is powered by its own native token, $FIGHT on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which comes with an array used inside and outside of the game. Not only do these NFTs represent in-game characters, CFC allows said players to stake the native currency or the LP version of $FIGHT inside of their NFT prizefighter. NFT holders can also participate in a series of events such as minigames, trivia, free-roam PvE, and of course, hash it out in the ring to earn more tokens and purchase more powerful fighters and/or enhance their stats with equipable NFTs such as gloves, shorts, boots, etc.

To acquire one of the NFT fighters, the future user must burn 2,000 $FIGHT tokens to summon their fighter from a mystery pack. With the inflationary model, active stakers holding $FIGHT inside of the NFT will not only accrue interest in the tokens over time, but also enhance that particular fighters stats at a rate of 20% per year, also granting an initial bonus in $FIGHT as well.. The fighters stats are based on a Proof-of-Wait (PoW8) function where holders earn interest based on delayed gratification. Longer stakes will not only help improve the fighter’s ability to perform, but also reward you with more $FIGHT.

Crypto Fight Club offers more than just a game. Future fighters can stake, fight, and earn - making every day a winning day.

There is no other game that opens up 3+ different earning models plus fully decentralized in-house staking. Not only is the design unique to its own, the business model altogether is attractive to anyone ranging from shrimp to whale.

Stake. $FIGHT. Win.

Crypto Fight Club offers 5 products in total in 2 different categories: gaming and DeFi. Regarding the DeFi line, the first batch of products released by Crypto Fight Club will include transferable blockchain certificate of deposits via NFTs and a transparency index for the staking dashboard. Those who hold an NFT fighter can opt into the decentralized staking pools. Unlike most staking models, you hold the keys to both your coins staked as well as the NFT fighter, which doubles as a playable character. Active stakers are able to unstake at any time and are not forced to keep their $FIGHT locked up. Lastly, staking is based on a ‘longer pays better’ feature, where participants earn higher APYs and host the ability to enhance their fighter’s stats based on the length of their stake. Participants are rewarded by ‘delayed gratification.’ On the gaming side, Crypto Fight Club will release 3 different types of playable features: minigames, PvP (player vs player), and PvE (player vs environment). All of which are built to benefit the player’s experience to earn tokens and simply put have a good time.

In the first series, minigames will be released. Minigames will be best suited for those who like to play fast, short games - even if they don’t win any rewards. The second game released will be the PvP arenas, where players can hash it out in the ring with their newly-owned fighters. Players can fight others for $FIGHT, $GAME, and even NFTs. Lastly, the introduction of PvE will come into play. These players will be able to free-roam around gamified real-life gyms completing a series of objectives and challenges, earning tokens and possibly enhancing their fighter - should they spend enough time in these mini-metaverses. Each game model comes with its own distinctive play2earn experience that is suitable for any kind of player.

Most playable environments will match the same style as the NFT fighters; low-poly, 3D 8-bit renders. With the same high-quality renderings of the fighters, the aesthetically pleasing arenas will range from chicken farms, rooftops, parking lots, and of course, famous gyms from around the world. Crypto Fight Club aims to partner with name-brands and fighters to give the community the most unique and real gaming experience the NFT industry has seen.


Crypto Fight Club is hitting the market with a punch. Not only will a core marketing focus consist of tapping into crypto-driven communities, but the real world of professional fighting is getting involved. The goal is to acquire strong partnerships and ties with KOLs in both crypto and fighting sports, notable gyms around the world, and exclusive coverage in both sports media alongside crypto. CFC will blend two of some of the largest growing industries in the world as it continues to shape itself as a business.

Marketing resources include, but are not limited to: crypto KOLs pushing original content across social media channels, earned media through traditional and crypto media outlets, thought leader enhancement of the executive team, advertisements in both social media as well as crypto-niche website (Nomics, CoinGecko, CoinRank, etc), co-branded martial arts gear with partner gyms and brands, rebranding of notable gyms (Elite Fight Club in Bangkok/Hua Hin being the first), AMAs generating further knowledge of CFC, and guerrilla marketing with the one and only, Ash from WallStreet Bets. All marketing efforts are set in concrete and are strategically set out for the next 2-3 months.

Moreover, the Crypto Fight Club team will be partnering with global events, starting with the World Boxing Championship taking place in Bangkok Dec 5th-11th. This opens the door to meeting and greeting new future fighters, gym owners, and interested parties looking to help spread the word and expand the CFC ecosystem. Attending these events and onboarding professional athletes into the game will increase awareness and credibility of the entire business model, making it more applicable to the rest of the world outside of crypto.

As forecasted for most projects launching off these major platforms, the numbers and credibility of the project are set to grow parabolically over the course of the months. The attention span in crypto is slim as the noises succumbs retail investors with new projects popping up everyday. CFC aims to remain relevant and persistent with all of its marketing pushes.


Crypto Fight Club merges both worlds of PvP with open-world mini-metaverses through the series of game modes mentioned. To top it off, the fee structure on BSC is far more appealing than anything else out on Ethereum today, so that excuse can be thrown out the window. The play2earn models for the abovementioned games can be lucrative should you have the funds to put down, but the opportunity for those who don’t have the funds or resources to play/build is slim pickings.

Crypto Fight Club offers multiple revenue streams, even if you do not have an NFT fighter to play with. These users can participate in the earn2learn trivia mode (recurring campaigns), participate in the bid2earn auction house where they can acquire NFT wearables and sell them on a marketplace, and back teams or individual fighters with tokens, as sponsors do in eSports. Should your sponsored fighter win the championship round, you get a piece of that pie based on how much you backed the future victor with. At the end of the day, Crypto Fight Club is built to be for the people.


The main currency used in the game will be $FIGHT Tokens. The $FIGHT token is utilized to purchase the NFT and will always be burned in this acquisition process. Users can purchase $FIGHT tokens directly from the open market or by buying NFT that have $FIGHT tokens staked inside of them on a marketplace.

Users can earn $FIGHT Tokens by:

  • Stake $FIGHT or LP into their fighter
  • Finish amongst the first 5 players in a minigame in the weekly scoring
  • Winning a tournament in the game (requires an entry fee)
  • Winning the lottery (requires an entry ticket)
  • Big Pay Day (at a later stage)

Users can spend $FIGHT Tokens on:

  • Acquiring new fighters in the game
  • Buying customization skins for their fighter (Halloween, Xmas…)
  • Purchasing an entry ticket into the tournament
  • Participating in the lottery
  • Voting on proposals (just passively holding not spending)
  • Mint mystery NFT packs (at a later stage)
  • In PvP fights against other players

The game will also feature a play2earn token in the game, called $JUICE by Q2 of 2022.


Ending the year with a BANG is a top priority for the team at Crypto Fight Club. In order of the quarter, Crypto Fight Club will be smashing the following deadlines:

Q4 2021

  • IDO, TGE, and listing of $FIGHT.
  • NFT-721 sale. 5000 playable and stakable NFT fighters will be available via mystery packs shortly after the IDO of Crypto Fight Club.
  • Introduction and launch of the staking dashboard and product for all NFT fighters. Users will be able to stake Fight or the LP version of Fight to participate in the token reward pool.

Q1 2022

  • Playable mini-games using the newly acquired NFT fighters and earning $FIGHT based on future campaigns run.
  • Launching a transparency index, showing a surplus of information about the NFTs staking and amount of $FIGHT staked will be deployed.
  • The PvP game mode will be introduced whereas these future fighters can hash it out and play against each other for tokens and NFTs.
  • Deployment of the BEP-1155 NFT wearables. These wearables will consist of gloves, shorts, belts, and more that will enhance your fighters stats for the next match.

Q2 2022

  • Launching the Crypto Fight Club NFT marketplace. Players can acquire and transact NFT fighters, acquire NFT wearables, and earn royalties on all transactions made throughout the marketplace.
  • 2nd BEP-721 NFT sale. 5000 more future fighters will be deployed and this 2nd generation will also be used for playing the games and staking.
  • Furthering partnerships outside of crypto with fighters from professional sporting companies. Upon closing these fighters, they will make debuts in the game and help support marketing efforts.
  • With the gamified gyms created, players can free-roam and complete a series of objectives earning the upcoming play2earn token, $JUICE.$JUICE will be acting as the primary play2earn token that is newly minted based on objectives completed. Players can earn $JUICE and also spend it all within the ecosystem to revive fighters, upgrade gear, and fight for NFT wearables.

Q3 2022

  • Partnering with famous gyms has enhanced the awareness and credibility of Crypto Fight Club. With these partners, we will gamify and recreate the gyms into “mini-metaverses” for the PvE mode. These will be classified as NFT land plots that can be used to earn passive streams of tokens.
  • Tournament mode will be a game changer for the Crypto Fight Club community. Should you not have an NFT to participate in fights or staking, users participating can back future champions and support them as if they are their sponsor. They can also spend tokens to spectate the events and even go as far as advertise in the gym.
  • The Ultimate Crypto Fighting Championship will be the biggest event to date for Crypto Fight Club. Details TBD upon future partnerships.

The intended action points to generate revenue can be broken down into the following:

Sales of NFT Gear (BEP-1155) - The sale of BEP-1155 NFT gear or even custom skins for your avatar will be strategically placed around specific, niche holidays such as Independence Day (USA), Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, etc matching with a festive environment for players to engage in. As part of our corporate social responsibility, we will donate 5% of the mentioned proceeds to several charities in South East Asia.

The Sale of NFT Gym (Land Plots) - As Crypto Fight Club gains more traction and mainstream exposure to those in the fighting world, martial arts gyms worldwide will have the opportunity to create their own sponsored gym as a metaverse within the game. Monetizing these efforts, the CFC business development and design teams will close deals and after generating 3D objects and scenery, matching specific gyms that requested to be gamified. Players in training mode are exposed to these new environments and can leverage custom play2earn aspects integrated into these gyms. Gyms will earn passive income in the play2earn token based on the active participants finishing tasks, completing objectives, and testing their luck in the ring (spend play2earn tokens to win BEP-1155 NFTs). Ultimately, this acts as an advertising catalyst to thousands of different CFC players worldwide, garnering more exposure to partner gyms.

Marketplace Fees - Developing a native NFT marketplace is essential for accruing revenue. Marketplace structures are often quite complex and can take months to build. Luckily, with the recent NFT craze, marketplaces are what exchanges were in 2018- everyone had one similar, or even to a different degree. Initially, CFC will kick-off with a white-labeled solution and work with a partner on a split-revenue model. Currently, CFC is in partnership with Venly, who also acts as an investor. They can provide a temporary solution and later, CFC will build their own marketplace, aiming towards Q3 of 2022.

Bid2Earn Auction House - For the upcoming release of new BEP-1155 wearables, CFC will build an auction house with In this auction house, participants will earn for participating in the auctions for NFT wearables. Minting x amount of equipment that benefits the fighter’s stats, participants will bid initial amounts and once no one tops the bid, they win the NFT. Players that bid less than the winner will earn 10% in $FIGHT, or whichever currency used to participate in the auction, from the original amount they bid. For example, if Bill bids 100 $FIGHT for a pair of gloves and Ashton bids 150 $FIGHT and wins the auction, Bill will also earn 10-15 $FIGHT for participating and Ashton gets the gloves. The remaining 135-150 $FIGHT goes back into the company treasury.

Championships - Climbing the leaderboards and ranking systems is essential in any sport. CFC will host regular tournaments and charge a small entry fee for participants (maybe spectators). The winners of these championships and tournaments will be allotted a winning prize from the sale of entry tickets. A small commission will go to the company wallet for hosting the events. Aside from the amount raised from entry tickets, winners also have the chance of acquiring champion belts and other unique gear, all composed of BEP-1155 NFTs.

Lotteries - Lotteries and raffles have been a common occurrence since the rise of DeFi and are easy to build. Crypto Fight Club will offer lotteries for both digital assets as well physical merchandise. Starting with limited runs of CFC branded merchandise, muay thai shorts and training shirts are being shipped out for past giveaways. The team has also begun producing custom CFC boxing gloves which are tailor-made depending on what was requested from winners. CFC will monetize different real-world aspects by designing and selling limited-edition merchandise to its growing fanbase.

In-Game Sponsorships - Boxing and fighting sponsorships are nothing new in the sport, with brands getting to place their logos on either side of or even over the top of ringside areas. Boxers also have corporate logos projected onto them so they can advertise for themselves during fights - especially since many use this opportunity as an advertisement anytime before or after fighting without having someone else do it first.

In CFC, a boxer has both real-life and digital sponsorshipopportunities available through these big events and 3D environments architecturally designed by the lead game developer and CDO, who both bring valuable expertise from outside careers being architecture majors and well established graphic designers.

Gym Sponsorships - Crypto Fight Club will tailor-make and gamify real-world gyms into the branded metaverse. The first gym to be showcased is Elite Fight Club, based in Bangkok, Thailand. Using the existing blueprint and infrastructure from the gyms owners, our designers and developers can create the schematics for each gym and bake them into the game’s development engine.

As more users join the game, these gyms will be advertised globally via their own metaverse to extend their reach in the largest growing industry in the world.


Crypto Fight Club is the first game to combine a fully-decentralized staking contract together with an NFT smart contract. Users are able to mint their own NFTs and stake $FIGHT or the LP version of $FIGHT into their NFT fighter to earn more native currency. Not only do they earn interest in the native token, they can also evolve the fighter in statistical value. Users can then transfer their unique NFT together with the underlying principal + interest on the open market to other players instead of using the emergency unstake function and incur a penalty. The system is designed in a way to reward good behavior and honest participants. Should a user emergency unstake, the potential earnings are redistributed to the active stakers giving them an APY boost for the day.

Wearables represented as BEP1155 can be equipped onto your fighter to make them better in the ring. The fighter can then be sold as one unit on the open market (fighter, staked principal, future interest and equipped wearables).

Fighters are able to battle their character in the different voxel-style environments built using Unity 3D. The player ID will be their public wallet making it easy to identify and reward the top players during every season. Rewards will be given out as $FIGHT tokens, belts, trophies as well as unique wearables for the fighter (NFTs). Constant positive reinforcement and challenging the player are essential for user retention and the ability to earn tokens by completing daily quests or winning in the PvP environments is a perfect bonus for a game packed with action.

The game is relying on a heavy backend running on AWS and several SDKs which enable the communication with the blockchain. Initially, the project will be launched on BSC but is intended to offer cross chain functionalities, with Pulsechain being the secondary chain CFC will support.



Seed Round
Lock-up:10% TGE, 2 month cliff, 5% monthly

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Platfrom Raise:$350,000
Lock-up:10% unlocked on TGE, 7.5% monthly

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Full support in project incubation.

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