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1 BUSD = 200 LOFI
1 LOFI = 0.005 BUSD
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Sale 1 Sep, 14:004 Sep, 14:00 UTC
FCFS 4 Sep, 10:00 UTC
Base allocation: $20.3898
About Project

LOFI - "Watch to Earn" web3 lifestyle platform! Viewers Deserve More! Viewers lead the streaming ecosystem by watching, earning, and contributing to a sustainable streaming industry. The LOFI team is reinventing a healthier streaming ecosystem and bridging the lifestyle between web2 and web3, blockchain, and crypto. LOFI is attracting not only web3 but web2 users to the W2E lifestyle platform built on sustainability.

LOFI Pods is an NFT used in the LOFI EQ app to earn $BUZZ tokens. “Wearing” Pods and earning tokens are done through gamified mechanisms that make watching live streams more engaging and rewarding.

How to get LOFI Pods

LOFI Pods NFT can be acquired by minting at a specially set time, announced on LOFI’s social channels. After minting ends, LOFI Pods can be purchased in the in-app marketplace. As a W2E platform with Game-Fi elements, #LoFi aims to achieve goals:

  • Reward fans for their contributions to the streaming ecosystem, starting with LOFI EQ (Equalizer) app - #Watch2Earn.
  • Earn LOFI utility $Buzz token while watching streaming content on Twitch and YouTube.
  • A certain portion of the tokens earned by viewers are distributed to streamers.
  • Viewers can donate the earned $Buzz tokens to their favorite streamers.
  • The streamers will be able to use the donated tokens to attract more viewers by ranking them higher on a leaderboard and advertising their content in “LOFI Station” ; this will be a strong community coming soon.

Those are details regarding the LOFi product

Make your time worthy with LOFI EQ Watch, Enjoy, and Contribute towards your life & the life of streamers! LOFI EQ is a Watch-to-Earn social entertainment platform built for live stream viewers, with the goal of providing more substantial rewards for their watch-time($BUZZ, $LOFI), direct pathways to donate to their favorite streamers, and fun ways to enhance LOFI Pods NFT to increase earnings. Earnings can be used in-app to unlock certain features and improve viewer’s NFTs, or can be traded on the exchanges. The goal of the LOFI Project is to create a more sustainable live streaming ecosystem that extends Web 3 concepts such as decentralization and community governance to live stream fans. At this time, LOFI EQ supports Twitch.

Viewers must wear LOFI Pods NFT to earn tokens while watching a live stream. In doing so, Pods will consume Stamina, which has a daily limit (Stamina Cap). The Stamina Cap depends on the type and number of Pods in the viewer’s inventory. Token-earning (mining) is not available when stamina is exhausted. For more details on Stamina, see “Earning Tokens.” There are several factors that affect the earning rate, please keep the factors below in mind:

  • Streamer signal quality: If streamers experience continuous buffering due to poor internet connection, mining efficiency decreases.
  • Video signal quality: If viewers experience continuous buffering due to poor internet connection, mining efficiency decreases. Please make sure you have a good internet connection to avoid problems.
  • Pods efficiency: The earning rate directly correlates to the efficiency of the Pods, which can be optimized by the viewer. There are many ways to increase efficiency, covered in “NFT → LOFI Pods.”
  • Viewer behavior: It is recommended to continuously watch one live stream, rather than starting and stopping frequently.
  • Mining color status: The mining color is determined by whether or not the streamer has LOFI Mic NFT. At this time, LOFI Mic has not been introduced, but we are working on adding this function as soon as possible. Please see “Mining Speed” for more information.

LOFI is a web3 lifestyle app where “Watch to Earn” project is attracting not only web3 users who are familiar with the blockchain and crypto world but also web2 users who are not familiar with web3, crypto and blockchain and are skeptical about web3. Also, LOFI has a strong token economy where all web3 users can earn a $buzz token efficiently while watching streaming content. Also, web2 users can start earning tokens without LOFI NFT purchase, but they need to watch crypto ads and have a lower earning rate. The more web2 users LOFI attracts the higher DAU it will be guaranteed. Due to the fact that the LOFI’s potential users are the ones already enjoying watching content, our marketing team is working several marketing teams; Binance marketing team, DODO marketing team, Gamestarter marketing team, other individual KOLs to cover - 1. European countries, 2. Western countries, 3. Southeast Asian countries, & east Asian countries in order to cover all of the globe.

The LOFI team is focusing on viewers and fans at first. However, as the project goes we will have business and strategic partnerships, such as famous streamers, influencers, celebrities, in order to create more buzz out of the market. Also, we will have more partnerships with crypto-related companies who want to advertise their products to LOFI.



Content Creator audiences via creator tokenization, allowing viewers to earn rewards and govern the creator's decisions via a plugin that works directly on YouTube. However, they stay in the web2 industry, where streamers are getting more powerful.


MetFx Private Theater: MetFx's private theaters would be limited to close gatherings, including family, friends, or other close acquaintances depending on whom the users invite. Apart from the unique experience these offers, MetFx Private Theaters are also potential income streams. MetFx Advertisement: MetFx is set to make money through advertisements. For every movie that the user will watch, there will be advertisements that will play. In addition, we will have placeholders for the billboards as they too can be used to advertise various products. Earn native token by watching movies on the MetFx streaming app.


XCAD, called "Watch to Earn," is designed to focus on the conventional streaming industry where a platform and streamers are getting wealthier and more powerful, whereas viewers making massive empires remain ignored. MetFx is also a platform running passively to give a token to their users spending time on their platform. However, the number of content is limited, and their platform is not user-friendly at the moment. Also, these platforms remain the same streaming ecosystem. In contrast, LOFI is doing something different, focusing on viewers and fans, leading to reinventing a healthier streaming ecosystem where viewers and fans lead the creative economy. Also, LOFI is attracting not only web3 users but web2 users as a web3 lifestyle platform, making sustainability possible.

Pain points of the conventional streaming industry The platform and streamers have all the power in a conventional centralized ecosystem (web2). A platform-oriented ecosystem makes platforms invincible. Streamers reap most of the benefits: economic and public interest. The time viewers spend watching is not valued. Viewers’ participation is often undervalued.

Solution: LOFI - “Watch to Earn” platform to achieve In Watch to Earn (W2E), viewers are given an economic value. Viewers lead the streaming ecosystem by distributing a specific portion of the tokens to streamers. The more LOFI NFT users hold, the more tokens they can earn. By enabling crypto advertisements, a specific portion of the advertising cost is provided to users without NFT for web2 users. Continue to develop more uses for tokens through partnerships with other services.



2021 - Q2 : LOFI EQ, closed-beta version released

2021 - Q3 : LOFI Pods, to list on IDO launchpad (DODO Crowd pooling, RedKite), ICO Exchanges (Huobi and Gate.io) , INO (Binance NFT Dex), & Open beta

2021 - Q4 : LOFI Mic to release and LOFI Station, the LOFI’s community platform

2022 - Q1 : LOFI DeFi features to be added with staking, providing liquidity, & LOFI’s DEX

2022 - Q2 : LOFI BSNS (Broadcasting Station Name Service) to sell like a land sale

2022 - Q3 : LOFI NFT holders, LOFI Pods and LOFI Mics, to LOFI community Station

2022 - Q4 : LOFI to extend all forms of content, such as video, image, or digital content to as a central platform in the creative economy.

  • NFT selling (10,000 LOFI Pods + 10,000 LOFI Mic)
  • Crypto ads (from crypto companies who want to advertise their products; now we've deeply discussed with three companies to have partnership to put their ads) - only to web2 users who don't want to purchase LOFI Pods (NFT).
  • Commission: upgrading gears, leveling up, all transactions of LOFI EQ, & donating $buzz token to their favorite streamer (without / with streamers knowing but they will be given a notification or awareness from us or their followers to claim what they've donated)
Seed Round
Lock-up:3 month cliff, linear vesting for 24 months, unlocks every 3 months

Strategic Round
Lock-up:3 month cliff, linear vesting for 18 months, unlocks every 2 months

Private Round
Lock-up:3 month cliff, linear vesting for 12 months, unlocks every 1 month

Public Sale & Seed SHO
Platfrom Raise:$30,000
Lock-up:100% unlocked at TGE months

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Full support in project incubation.

Ended IGOs

*ATH: All Time High / traded on CEX or DEX
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