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About Project

Ookeenga is the no.1 Vertical Multiplayer Real Time Strategy Game with breathtaking 3D visuals of nature, compelling storyline, and addictive gameplay, inspired by Clash Royale genre.


Ookeenga (OKG) is the first Vertical Multiplayer Real Time Strategy Game with breathtaking 3D visuals of nature, compelling storyline, and addictive gameplay. A uniquely immersive play-to-earn experience developed by CROS Gamestudio and published by SPORES Network.

It’s time to bring back the PLAY in the PLAY-2-earn world !

  • Unleash devastating, tactical attacks against other players to bring the prize to your tribe.
  • 80 million unique heroes with different skill sets, ready to serve your rule.
  • Open treasure to get NFT items and resources, test your luck and empower your tribe.
  • Earning from lands, hunting monsters, mining resources & questing dungeons in Ookeenga’s ever-expanding open world.
  • And many more waiting for you to discover.

We currently have about 40+ KOLs for our INO and IDO roster. In addition, we are continuing to explore additional "celebrity" KOLs as part of our lauch as they tend to switch to high interest once they see the project. For the INO, some of the bigger ones are listed below. I've added them as a mixed-bag but inlcude KOLs from Vietnam, Philipines, South America, United States, and those focused on GameFi, Small Cap Hunters, and Pre-IDO Hunters. Again, the few listed below are only for INO....we wil be releasing a larger group in the next week to support IDO.


Unique product:

Ookeenga (OKG) is the first Vertical Multiplayer Real Time Strategy GameFi inspired by the infamous Clash Royale game genre. This gameplay is easy to pick up, but skill-based and hard to master. Players will be drawn in by the highly competitive strategic gameplay, spectacular 3D graphics, well-structured storyline, and many in-game activities such as treasures opening, breeding, earning from lands, hunting monsters, mining resources & questing dungeons in Ookeenga’s ever-expanding open world.

Experienced team and reliable list of backers:

With nearly 10 years in the traditional game industry, CROS Game Studio has created many high-quality projects (mobile, PC, console) either as in-house or outsourcers. With a well-rounded skill set and experience, we bring to web-3 world a game that is high quality in visual, enjoyable, and fun-2-play. We firmly believe that the era of low-quality GameFi, which are fast-earned short-life, is already in the past. In terms of blockchain specialties, the Spores Network team is taking charge of technology, marketing, and fundraising in the crypto industry using their experience flawlessly operating their own cross-chain launchpad and NFT marketplace. Moreover, we earn belief and support from many well-known VCs and gaming community such as Ex Network Capital, SKYVISION Capital, 7 o'clock capital, Spores Network, Sonat, Unilayer, 18 Ventures, PathDAO, Good Games Guild, ZBS Capital, Coincu, EnjinStarter, Swordfish Guild, Shadow Legacy Guild, Meta Gaming Guild, Apio Gaming Guild, Vendetta Guild, Skill Guilds, Play It Forward.

Top tier game development technology:

We use Unity 3D engine version 2020.3.20f1 for the development of this game. Unity is a flexible real-time development platform with powerful features and strongly supports 3D graphics. Unity’s flexibility and a good learning curve make it the most suitable team and what we want to achieve. Unity’s most significant advantages for our project: high visual experience, high performance, support for almost every platform today (PlayStation 3, iOS, Android, Windows…), and fantastic stability.

Demand from a solid community:

Ookeenga already accumulated a solid supportive community waiting to enjoy the game, with over 172k fans on Telegram, 40.5k followers on Twitter, and 40.5k active Discord members. Over the last month, we onboarded 15 game guilds, including major ones like Good Games Guild, MVG, PathDAO, Meta Gaming Guild, Earn Guild, Skill Guild, etc., open our access to a total of over 700,000 potential customers/ members in their community. We are about to sell out the first batch of 6,000 NFTs - enough to equip 2,000 players (300,000 USD GMV).

Quality game made accessible to the majority

In Ookeenga, we believe that the best way to leverage the potential of the Web3 GameFi realm depends on two pillars: diversity and sustainability. Hence, it is our mission to first develop a sustainable, quality first product that integrates the most user-friendly features such as token inflation control through in-game mechanisms like breeding, upgrading items, crafting; and utilize the low gas fee benefits of BSC blockchain. With an established foundation, we are confident to both target the Web3 players while converting the traditional players to blockchain based servers with a very low requirement to enter at $150.


Q4/ 2021:

  • Game concept
  • Landing page
  • Visual direction
  • Game design document

Q1/ 2022:

  • Character concept
  • Core combat develop
  • Whitepaper

Q2/ 2022: Current stage

  • IDO
  • INO
  • Game apha test

Q3/ 2022:

  • Official game release
  • NFT marketplace
  • OKG World Cinematic
  • Land introduction

Q4/ 2022:

  • Game update
  • PvP feature
  • Land presale

H1/ 2023:

  • Lands/ Farm feature
  • Ranked PvP tournament
  • Scholarship program

H2/ 2023:

  • New story arcs
  • Power-ups feature
  • Weapon feature
  • DAO

Team source of revenue: NFT sales, in-app purchase (web-2 version), marketplace transaction fees and breeding fees.


$OKG is the governance token officially used in the economic system in Ookeenga. $OKG is used for the following purposes:

Staking: Holders can stake $OKG with APY level determined based on TVL (Total value lock) and current $OKG price.

Marketplace trading: $OKG is used for making purchases, sales, and rentals of NFTs on Marketplace.

Buy NFT: $OKG is used for buying limited NFTs through periodic sales.

Token inflation is a concern that we especially notice within the GameFi industry and try our best to minimise. Inflation is an issue between demand and supply. When there are more tokens circulated in the market with demand staying the same, the currency’s purchasing power decreases, meaning that inflation happens. Although players can use these tokens inside the game ecosystem, the presence of a marketplace allows players to sell (tokens & NFTs). With the enormous amount of tokens accumulated over time, market selling pressure will be added on, and inflation is inevitable.

Our solution to this token inflation problem is to balance the token’s earning and burning rate. We create many activities for users to burn in-game tokens, such as breeding, upgrading items, crafting, etc. Ookeenga also has a long-term plan in updating new game features and allocating them in a reasonable timeline. Therefore, players will continuously be engaged in the game and reinvest. One of our innovative features is Treasure Box. It’s similar to the gacha system, where players will addictively spend tokens betting their luck to open mystery boxes. They can get NFT items, tokens, and other in-game items with different rarity levels. The governance token (OKG) will be more challenging to earn than in-game token (KAB) to restrict its supply and maintain its price on the market.

Seed Round
Lock-up:TGE 5.00%, 3m Cliff, 5Q Linear Quarterly vesting

Private Round
Lock-up:TGE 5.00%, 3m Cliff, 4Q Linear Quarterly vesting

Public Sale & Seed SHO
Platfrom Raise:$40,000
Lock-up:TGE 15.00%, 0m Cliff, 6m Linear Monthly vesting

Launch on

Full support in project incubation.

Ended IGOs

*ATH: All Time High / traded on CEX or DEX
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